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What is double-column dr

Newheek-Uarm 3月 08, 2023

Recently, many units have consulted with double-column dr, so what is double-column dr? Next, let’s take you to know. Dr is an exponential X-ray radiography system or X-ray, which is composed of a ball tube, a high-voltage generator, a digital detector, an image acquisition and processing system, and an image output device. So what is a double-column dr? Double-pillar dr is a kind of dr, which adopts the structure design of double-column, and is specially designed for the medical center, the disease control center and the medical vehicle with unique advantages. Including X-ray photography bed, X-ray generating device column and detector column; The column of X-ray generating device includes camera column assembly, cross arm assembly and bull head assembly. The bull head assembly is connected with the column assembly through the cross arm assembly. The functions and advantages of the dual-post dr of different brands are different. When purchasing, we should not only measure it from the price, but also compare it more to understand the specific performance advantages of its products. If you need double-column dr, welcome to call. Tel: +8617616362242

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