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A customer inquired about the 500mA X-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 7月 09, 2024

A customer saw the 500mA X-ray machine advertised by our company on our Newheek website and called for consultation. The client said that a local private hospital had a 500mA X-ray machine and wanted to replace it, but did not want to change the shooting location. Direct purchase does not require bidding.
We asked the customer to shoot the current shooting location of the hospital and send it to us for reference, and found that the existing use space of the hospital is relatively spacious and does not require major adjustments. We recommended our 500mA sickle-arm X-ray machine to customers, and introduced that this 500mA X-ray machine is a fixed type, which can perform functions such as standing and lying position detection for patients. It is a favorite of hospitals and clinics at all levels.
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500mA X-ray machine

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