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U-arm DR X-ray machine to take lumbar spine

Lillian 10月 12, 2021

Can the U-arm DR X-ray machine take pictures of the lumbar spine? Of course it is possible.
Lumbar spine X-rays: generally include frontal, double oblique, hyperextension and flexion
The U-arm DR X-ray machine takes positive and lateral views mainly to observe the general condition of the lumbar spine bones, such as whether the vertebral body has hyperplasia, intervertebral foramina, whether the intervertebral space is narrow, whether there is spondylolisthesis, etc.;
U-arm DR X-ray machine to shoot double oblique film is mainly to observe whether there is isthmic fissure;
U-arm DR X-ray machine shoots hyperextension and flexion films mainly to observe the dynamic stability of the lumbar spine
Our Newheek U-arm DR X-ray machine can inspect any part.


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