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What kinds of sickle arm X-ray machines are there?

Newheek-Uarm 9月 14, 2022

The sickle arm of our company is an X-ray machine with multi-angle photography, which can form a direct digital X-ray machine, which can directly form a digital X-ray machine, which can realize upright photography and chest X-ray photography. The curved arm of the functional photo frame can be used for recumbent photography.
The main configuration of this sickle arm X-ray machine consists of DR gantry (UC arm, sickle arm), X-ray high-frequency high-field generator, console, X-ray tube assembly (tube), beam limiter, mobile photography flat bed, It consists of flat panel detector and digital workbench.
We have a variety of sickle arms with different powers. 30KW, 32KW, 50KW. It can meet people’s needs for shooting different parts. Like this high-frequency machine, the exposure control accuracy is higher, which can greatly reduce the soft rays in the x-ray beam, and can reduce the radiation dose received by the patient, thereby improving the quality of x-ray images. Most importantly, it can also improve the output efficiency of x-rays.
There are so many functions of the sickle arm. If you are interested, please consult our business. Provide you with the best quality products and prices.

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