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Features of U-arm X-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 3月 08, 2023

The U-arm X-ray machine is an instrument used in the radiology department to carry out digital photographic diagnosis of various parts of the body for patients with different body types, different parts and different ages. The following are the characteristics of the U-arm X-ray machine:

  1. Full-electric lifting and self-developed new rotatable U-arm main frame design, with a wide range of lifting and rotating angles, can be applied to the positioning requirements of different body positions of patients, meet the requirements of standing and lying patients for multi-position photography, and operate flexibly and easily.
  2. The world’s leading single CCD super digital detector makes the image clearer.
  3. The high-power combined high frequency and high voltage X-ray generator and high frequency inverter power supply pioneered in China, which eliminates the external high voltage generator and high voltage cable, is more compact and beautiful, and more convenient and safe to use.
  4. The new U-arm special camera bed has a floating electromagnetic locking design on the bed surface, which is convenient for accurate positioning of patients lying on their back during photography.
  5. The design of the new DR special console adopts the graphic true color touch LCD full digital intelligent control system, which is simple and clear to operate, convenient and safe to use.
  6. It is equipped with multi-position, multi-position, multi-body adult, children and other human body characteristics photography parameter settings. At the same time, users can freely modify and store, making the operation more convenient.
  7. High quality high frequency and high voltage X-ray generator and high frequency inverter power supply are adopted, with good ray quality, low skin dose, good image clarity and contrast.
  8. KV, mAs digital closed-loop control technology and microprocessor real-time control are adopted to ensure accurate output dose and good repeatability.
  9. With multiple automatic protection and fault prompt functions, the instrument is safer and more reliable.
  10. It supports international Dicom3.0, which is convenient to connect to PACS system for transmission and printing.
  11. Fully automatic digital control drive technology is adopted, accurate and reliable.
  12. Handheld controller, facial mask button and LCD touch screen are three convenient and fast control modes.
  13. With KODAK CCD and reflective single CCD structure design, the chip can effectively avoid X-ray irradiation, is not easy to damage, and has a long life.

These are the product features of the U-arm X-ray machine. If you are interested, please call. Tel: +8617616362242

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