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Advantages of double-column dr

Newheek-Uarm 3月 09, 2023

In the last issue, we learned what the double column dr is, so this issue will take you to understand its advantages in clinical application?

  1. Large thermal capacity ball tube supports long-term continuous physical examination shooting.
  2. The ball tube and detector automatically track and shoot, making the shooting faster and better, and effectively reducing the workload of operating technicians.
  3. The integrated electric intelligent double-column mechanical structure can meet the needs of clinical photography in upright, recumbent, lateral, oblique, stretcher and wheelchair positions.
  4. The standard full-body splicing function provides the whole lower limb or whole spine splicing image for orthopedic joint replacement, spine orthopedics and other operations, which is conducive to the formulation of the operation plan and the evaluation of the postoperative effect.

In fact, the advantages of double-column dr are far more than these. The wider the scope of application, the more prominent its advantages will be. The function of the double-column dr is constantly improving and the technology is improving. The core component of the application technology is the combination of the detector and the image processing technology wdxsvad to achieve high-quality direct digital imaging. If you are interested in double-column dr, welcome to call. Tel:+8617616362242

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