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U-arm X-ray machine with a complete DR system

Lillian 9月 02, 2021

A customer in a private hospital consulted with a U-arm X-ray machine. The customer wants a complete DR system and asks if we have such a machine. According to customer requirements, I recommend our 50KW U-arm X-ray machine to customers. This system is a complete set of digital systems. The power of 50KW can clearly photograph any part of the body, and digital imaging makes imaging more convenient and quick. . In addition, the customer also requires the U-arm X-ray machine to be equipped with a film printer and film. If the patient needs the diagnosis result, the image on the computer can be printed out through a film printer, which is very convenient. The film is also the only consumable for the digital system of the X-ray machine.
I sent the customer the product information of the U-arm X-ray machine and the previous example pictures. The customer is very satisfied with our U-arm X-ray machine. Then, we made further communication on the price and payment method.

U-arm X-ray machine

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