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U-arm DR X-ray machine 500 mA

Lillian 12月 03, 2021

U-arm DR X-ray machine 500 mA is generally a fixed DR device. This U-arm DR X-ray machine generally uses a high-power, high-frequency and high-voltage generator, which can achieve a very short exposure time.
Due to the use of digital technology, the U-arm DR X-ray machine has a wide dynamic range and a wide exposure latitude, which allows technical errors in filming. Even in some parts where exposure conditions are difficult to grasp, it can also obtain good results. image
The most prominent advantage of U-arm DR X-ray machine is its high resolution, clear and delicate images.
The digital image formed by the U-arm DR X-ray machine requires less X-ray measurement than traditional film imaging, so it can obtain high-definition images with a lower X-ray dose, and at the same time reduces the patient’s exposure to X-rays. Harm of radiation.
The equipment of the U-arm DR X-ray machine has changed the traditional film photography method. It can make the hospital radiology department cancel the original image management method and save the film warehouse, and can replace it with the computer-free file management method, which can save a lot of money The capital and space of the company greatly improve work efficiency.

U-arm DR X-ray machine

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