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U-arm X-ray machine is a fixed X-ray machine

Lillian 12月 02, 2021

A private clinic contacted us to inquire about the U-arm X-ray machine, which is used in outpatient clinics of hospitals. It is required to be able to take pictures of the whole body, including the head, limbs, chest, and lumbar spine.
We recommended a 500mA U-arm X-ray machine for our customers, and introduced this U-arm X-ray machine with a DR digital imaging system and a plexiglass bedside photography flat bed. After the customer completes the purchase, we will have an engineer. On-site installation and commissioning of the U-arm X-ray machine, and on-site operation training. We sent the photos and technical parameters of the U-arm X-ray machine for reference. The customer is very satisfied with this U-arm X-ray machine, which is suitable for their outpatient use, but the budget is not so high, so you have to think about it before giving us a reply.
If you are also interested in this U-arm X-ray machine, welcome to consult.


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