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DR 500 mA U-arm DR is how many kilowatts

Lillian 12月 06, 2021

How many kilowatts is the U-arm DR of DR 500 mA? Do you know that? Generally speaking, the DR 500 mA U-arm DR is a 50kW high voltage generator.
What is the X-ray high-voltage generator of the U-arm DR? If you know the U-arm DR well, the name is not unfamiliar. We have already said that the U-arm DR is based on the necessary conditions for X-ray generation. For the needs of medical clinical diagnosis and treatment, a comprehensive medical instrument that converts electrical energy into X-ray energy is designed and manufactured. Therefore, one of the main components of the U-arm DR is the X-ray high-voltage generator. Only the X-ray U-arm DR can work normally.
After reading here, everyone knows how many kilowatts the DR 500 mA U-arm DR is, if you have any needs, please contact us.

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