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500 mA U-arm DR x-ray machine price

Lillian 12月 07, 2021

I recently received a customer inquiry about our 500ma U-arm DR x-ray machine. The customer didn’t know much about the product at the beginning, and wanted to learn more about our product. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, some equipment and technology have also been obtained. Enhanced, the U-arm DR x-ray machine is one of them, and it has unparalleled advantages over other filming machines. First, hospital benefits. According to the relevant national medical equipment inspection fee standards, the U-arm DR x-ray machine but the digital X-ray machine DR filming charges are 2-3 times more expensive than ordinary filming. Obvious benefits! Second, the U-arm DR x-ray machine has fine images, high definition, high resolution, and good image effects, which is convenient for doctors to judge the patient’s condition. The U-arm DR x-ray machine can help hospitals achieve full digitization, and can realize remote diagnosis through network transmission. Experts in each department can read the patient’s film information in time, and improve the doctor’s work efficiency.

U-arm DR x-ray machine

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