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What is the impact of the radiation of u arm x ray as we know it on us?

Lillian 12月 08, 2021

Recently, many customers consulted our u arm x ray, and they learned about the radiation problem caused by u arm x ray. So what do we need to pay attention to when using u arm x ray, one of the most important points is the equipment itself, we must ensure that the equipment can handle the problems we are currently encountering, as long as it is possible and within the feasible range, we should upgrade the existing X-ray equipment to absorb as much as possible the safety and performance characteristics required by the new X-ray equipment.
Some people are still worried about whether u arm x ray will affect the fetus in the womb of pregnant women. It is a matter of medical ethics. This question cannot be directly studied through experiments. We can refer to the radiation dose produced by medical examinations. The International Commission on Radiological Protection Publication No. 84 pointed out that although the radiation risk in early pregnancy is the most significant, there is a threshold of about 100 millisieverts for the teratogenic effects of radiation. In medical examinations where the effective dose is less than 1 mSv, medical staff can inform pregnant women that “the risk is negligible.” Therefore, pregnant women not only do not need to worry about u arm x ray affecting pregnancy, but also can safely perform u arm x ray operation detection. In addition, the luggage in the X-ray security screening machine will also be exposed to a certain dose of radiation. Many office workers who bring lunch to work every day worry about whether the food that has been irradiated can still be eaten? It’s actually a matter of dosage
In summary, we don’t have to worry about u arm x ray will affect health. At the same time, we can also try to avoid receiving unnecessary radiation. For example, when baggage leaves the exit of the X-ray machine, passengers should wait for the lead curtain to be completely lowered before taking it away to reduce exposure to trace radiation leaked from the lead curtain gap;

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