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The sickle arm X-ray machine has a lower dose than the traditional X-ray machine

Lillian 5月 14, 2021

With the development of the times, the advancement of medicine, medical equipment and other industries is also rapid. A few years ago, the most common thing we went to the hospital was the traditional X-ray machine. In just a few years, most hospitals have been upgraded, and the sickle arm X-ray machine has gradually replaced the traditional X-ray machine. Traditional X-ray machines are relatively cheaper, while sickle-arm X-ray machines have added many functions and features. For example, compared with sickle-arm X-ray machines, the exposure measurement is less.
The sickle arm X-ray machine can significantly reduce the patient’s X-ray dose. The posture of photography is basically the same as that of ordinary photography. When photographing patients, it is both gentle and fast and accurate. Choosing the appropriate exposure conditions, exposure field and focal length is the basis of image quality, which can minimize the patient’s exposure dose. The X-ray dose received by patients using traditional X-ray projection is significantly higher than that of patients photographed by a sickle arm X-ray machine. A small amount of X-ray can be used to form an image, and an ideal diagnostic image can be obtained through digital image processing technology. Traditional x-rays require a large amount of x-rays to obtain satisfactory diagnostic images.
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