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Advantages of sickle arm DR in clinical practice

Lillian 5月 14, 2021

With the rapid development of science and technology, the original film imaging technology has been gradually replaced by the digital DR technology of the sickle arm DR. Through high-speed computing equipment and communication network, complete the functions of image information collection, storage, management, processing and transmission.
Compared with traditional X-ray machine and sickle arm DR, there are the following shortcomings:
The rate of waste film is too high, and the requirements for mastering the dosage when filming are too high.
Must be equipped with darkroom and drainage equipment, too high pollution may not meet the requirements of environmental protection.
Film storage takes up space and is inconvenient to find, and the image is easy to decay and lose.
Hospitals are costly and troublesome in terms of management and operation, and cannot directly connect to the computer Internet for transmission.
The modern sickle arm DR adopts digital processing and analysis technology, which makes imaging faster, convenient for storage, and convenient for searching; at the same time, it reduces the operating cost of the hospital [reduces the output of waste film and medicine] and recovers the investment cost faster, the same The filming digital X-ray machine has less shooting dose [When the patient reduces the hazard of X-rays, it also protects the X-ray tube to extend its life] In clinical use, digital DR imaging is more accurate, fast and convenient , Deeply trusted by doctors and patients.
The picture above is the sickle arm DR manufactured by our Newheek, which is mainly used for photography of the human body’s chest, abdomen, limbs, and pelvis. This model adopts a new high-frequency and high-voltage generator and a microcomputer control displayed on the LCD screen, and can self-diagnose and protect and display the fault code when a fault occurs.

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