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Customer inquiry U-arm X-ray machine

Lillian 5月 13, 2021

Many customers contact us to inquire about U-arm X-ray machines. We at Newheek are a manufacturer specializing in the production of X-ray machines and their accessories.
What is the difference between X-ray inspection and ultrasonic inspection of U-arm X-ray machine?
U-arm X-ray machine X-ray inspection uses the penetrability of X-rays. Because the density and shape of various parts of the body are different, the amount of absorption of X-rays is also different, thus showing shadow images with different brightness. To assess whether there is any disease at the detection site, it is mainly used to assess injury (fracture or dislocation) or disease (skeletal degeneration, infection or tumor).
Ultrasound is the use of very high-frequency sound waves to generate images of internal organs to evaluate the detection site. If fluid accumulates in the chest or abdomen, X-rays cannot see the organs clearly because the density of the fluid and tissue is the same. Commonly used ultrasound examinations are B-type ultrasound, which is often referred to as B ultrasound, and Doppler color ultrasound, which is color ultrasound. Ultrasound is mainly used to assess the disease of internal organs. Ultrasound cannot effectively penetrate air or bones, so it cannot replace X-rays, but can be complementary.
Sometimes doctors will ask patients to perform X-ray and ultrasound examinations to fully understand the patient’s condition. After reading the above introduction, do you know about X-ray inspection and ultrasonic inspection? If you want to know more about U-arm X-ray machine, please contact us.

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