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Introduction to mechanical properties of X-ray U-arm

Lillian 5月 13, 2021

The X-ray U arm has an intelligent appearance, high-precision mechanical properties, and extensive inspection of body parts. The height of the flat panel detector can be automatically adjusted according to the actual inspection site. It is free to match different types of radiographs.
The X-ray U arm has both reset and rotary protection. It can be preset to three positions to enter the machine, and press the three reset button, the system will move to your preset position. When the U-arm is in the lower position, it can turn it by the key. It won’t rotate. Then run to a higher location and it will work. This feature is to protect the machine from tipping because the X-ray U arm touches the ground while rotating.
The film bed for the X-ray U arm does not contain a cassette because the X-ray U arm itself has a cassette, and the film bed for the double-column has a cassette. The film bed is made of plexiglass and carbon fiber.

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