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Photography flat bed with sickle arm

Newheek-Uarm 3月 15, 2023

Today, the editor will give you the knowledge of photographic flat bed, which is also called photographic flat bed. It is an accessory equipment applied to X-ray machine, mainly for photographic examination of the abdomen, pelvic cavity, limbs and lumbar spine of the human body. It can be used not only with sickle arm, but also with mobile DR, mobile X-ray machine and portable X-ray machine.

Our photographic flat bed is mobile and fixed, and there are many models. The movable photographic flat bed is composed of flat bed components, camera box components and other parts, which are mainly divided into those with and without camera box. If you want to place the flat panel detector, it is recommended that you choose the one with a film box. Its film box travel is greater than 800 mm, the bed plate length * width is 2000 * 580 mm, the material is acrylic board and carbon fiber board, and the maximum size of the deflection is 17 * 17. The shooting bed is equipped with a sickle arm to adjust the position of the ball tube and the chest film frame up, down, left and right, which can make the shooting angle more accurate.

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