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Indonesian customer inquired about double-column X-ray machine

Newheek-Uarm 3月 16, 2023

The Indonesian customer inquired about the double-column X-ray machine, and sent the information to the customer by WA

Double-pillar X-ray machine mainly includes ball tube column, chest film column, four-way floating camera bed, ground rail, electric

The gas control box is mainly used for supporting the medical diagnostic X-ray machine frame and the importance of mechanical movement

Components, convenient for the hospital to carry out gastrointestinal photography, gastrointestinal examination, chest and whole body bone photography

Shadow use.

After the photography flat bed is assembled, the debugging is relatively simple. First, turn on the power supply of the two columns, and press

Lower the foot switch, release the flatbed locking electromagnet, and move the photographic flatbed bed plate (front, rear

Left, right) four directions, can move flexibly; Loosen the foot brake, and the bed plate cannot be moved. if there be

In case of poor locking, the gap of the locking electromagnet of the bed plate can be adjusted until it can be used normally.

When the camera flat bed film car is moving left and right, pull up the locking switch under the handle of the film car

It can easily move the tablet car left and right.

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