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How to maintain medical X-ray machine in daily life

Newheek-Uarm 3月 14, 2023

In the last issue, we learned what should be paid attention to during the operation of medical X-ray machine. Let’s take a look at how to maintain the medical X-ray machine. In terms of daily maintenance, the user should keep the machine room dry and tidy, avoid sundries stacking, and clean the machine surface every day. The regular maintenance of the machine should be carried out jointly by the maintenance personnel and the maintainer. The connection of all parts of the X-ray machine and the oiling and rust removal should be checked regularly. The operation condition of the machine should be checked regularly, and the parameters should be calibrated with the instrument.

Problems in the use of the machine are inevitable. Correct use and maintenance is an important means to ensure the normal use of the instrument, and also a necessary means to extend the service life of the X-ray machine. The above is the maintenance method of the medical X-ray machine in the use process. If you have any needs, please call for consultation. Tel(whatsapp): +8617616362242

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