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Precautions for operation of medical X-ray machine during use

Newheek-Uarm 3月 13, 2023

In the medical field, X-ray is an indispensable imaging examination in clinical practice, and medical X-ray machines have also been widely used. Routine maintenance is essential in the process of using the X-ray machine, so how to maintain the medical X-ray machine in the process of use? Next, the editor will explain how to maintain the medical X-ray machine.

The staff who use the X-ray machine in the operation process must receive systematic professional training and strictly follow the normal operation. The pointer of the dry voltmeter and power meter should be adjusted to the minimum before each startup and shutdown to avoid the pointer being damaged by the sudden energization of the instrument. After starting the machine, check the power supply voltage, and the filament voltage should not be too high. The machine shall be shut down in time after stopping to avoid reactive power consumption. When the machine is in continuous use, pay attention to the intermittent time of the machine to avoid excessive temperature of the X-ray tube. When the machine breaks down during use, it should be reported to the maintenance personnel. It is strictly forbidden to work with the machine breaking down. The above are the precautions during the use of the medical X-ray machine. If you have any requirements, please call for consultation. Tel(whatsapp):+8617616362242

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