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Nk-502 digital sickle arm X-ray machine

肖恩 9月 11, 2020

Product Advantages:

Nk-502 digital sickle arm X-ray machine is mainly used for the photographic examination of human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine.1, microcomputer control, LIQUID crystal display, easy to operate.

2. New design of high frequency and high voltage generator

Exposure conditions are stable and accurate, reducing the dose of radiation while reducing the production of soft rays, effectively protecting patients and doctors.

4. Simple and convenient position display

According to the selection of the patient’s body shape and position, the exposure parameters are automatically set, and can be saved and corrected.

5. New sickle arm design

Accurate rotation Angle, multi-angle photography, to meet the clinical needs.

6. Reassuring security features

Fault self-diagnosis function can quickly and accurately determine the fault status, and can automatically protect, display fault code, accurate and convenient in time.

  1. Adopting digital plate detector, the performance is stable and the X-ray dose is greatly reduced.

Main configuration and technical parameters:

Comonents Performance parameters


X ray high frequency high voltage generator

Power supply

Voltage :380 V±10; Three-phase five-wire; Frequency :50 HZV±1 HZ; Capacitance :≥50 kVA; Internal resistance :≤0.3


Photographic conditions

Photograph tube voltage range 40~125 kV (or 150 KV),1 step; tube voltage range 10~640 mA;mA accuracy 10%
Exposure time range :1-10000 ms;mAs range 0.1-640 mAs;mA accuracy ≤±(5%0.2 mAs)
APR storage capacity :2400 data
Auxiliary power :24 VDC 300mA 220VAC 5A


Field Light Single Light Time :30 S;

Focus – Mounting Distance mm( Adjustable as required):60,

inherent filtration (75 kV):1 mm al

sickle arm rack Bend arm up and down


Lower arm position


Rotating angle of bending arm


Flat plate rotation range


SID itinerary


Digital flat panel detector

Type: amorphous silicon cesium iodide;


Imaging dimensions :17″×17″;


Spatial resolution: lp/mm;3.6


Level of detection gray (A/D bit ):16 bit;


Data interface: Gigabit Ethernet;


Total Image Acquisition Time :≤3 s


(Specifications subject to change without prior notice)

Mobile photography flat bed Bed size: length X width X height mmX800mmX690mm 2020

Bed surface material (optional): density board/carbon fiber/ plexiglass

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