Newheek manufacture X-ray UC arms

About Newheek

There are two types of X ray UC arms in Newheek company.Model U200 X ray UC arm machine and Model U300 X ray UC arm machine.NEWHEEK specialize in the production of X-ray machine accessories and X ray UC arm.
NEWHEEK as a company committed to the development of diagnostic radiology systems, has been manufacturing of x-ray diagnostic radiograph machine accessories and so on for more than 16 years.
Nowadays NEWHEEK continues to be driven by dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, advanced concepts, centralized services and diversified production as key features allowing the rise of the company to domestic and international markets....



How many types of the X-ray UC arm machines in NEWHEEK?

Newheek has two types of X-ray UC arm. Model U200 X-ray UC arm machine and Model U300 X-ray UC arm machine.

The stand configuration of newheek x ray uc arm?

X Ray HV Generator/X Ray Tube/Collimator/UC Arm/Flat Panel Detector/Image Workstation System

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