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500mA medical X-ray machine operation process

Newheek-Uarm 9月 15, 2022

Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. provides 500mA medical X-ray machine, which is mainly composed of high-voltage generator, tube assembly, high-voltage cable, beamer, sickle arm frame, photographic flat bed, 1717 wired flat panel detector, computer and other components. What are the procedures for operating a 500mA medical X-ray machine?
First of all, we first ensure that irrelevant personnel leave the site, the subject removes the jewelry they carry, turns on the power of the X-ray machine, ensures that the X-ray machine can work normally, and adjusts the height and angle of the rack as needed. The frame should be adjusted to a horizontal position, and the sickle arm frame should be adjusted to a vertical position and in focus if you want to shoot in a recumbent position. Then help the subject to adjust to a suitable position and posture for filming. If a chest radiograph needs to be taken, the subject should stand in front of the flat-panel detector and wrap his arms around the flat-panel detector. On the photographic flat bed, the inspected part is completely exposed in the light area of the beamer. Finally, the images are collected by controlling the exposure of the X-ray machine.

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