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What parts are the U-shaped arms mainly used for?

Newheek-Uarm 9月 14, 2022

U-arm is a high-quality product of our company, which is mainly used for photographic inspection of human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine. This U-shaped arm can directly form a digital X-ray machine, which can realize upright photography and chest X-ray photography, and can perform supine photography with the curved arm of the diagnostic bed and rotating multi-function photography frame.
Controlled by microcomputer, LCD display, easy to operate. And with a newly designed high-frequency high-voltage generator, the exposure conditions are stable and accurate, reducing the radiation dose while reducing the generation of soft rays, effectively protecting patients and doctors. Exposure parameters can be automatically set according to the selected patient’s body shape and position, and can be saved and corrected.
The special feature of this U-shaped arm is the new U-shaped design, accurate rotation angle, and multi-angle photography to meet clinical needs. 
In addition, it also has a reassuring safety function. The fault self-diagnosis function can quickly and accurately judge the fault state, and can automatically protect and display the fault code, which is accurate, convenient and timely. With a digital flat panel detector, the performance is stable and the X-ray dose is greatly reduced.
The functions of the U-arm are so complete. If you are interested, please consult our business and provide you with satisfactory products and prices.

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