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Kenyan customer inquiries about sickle arm + film

Newheek-Uarm 9月 23, 2022

Kenyan customers inquired about the sickle arm and film of Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Our sickle arm has two styles of 30KW and 50KW. Ask the customer how much power they need. Generally, 30KW can shoot the whole body. In public hospitals and general outpatient clinics Most of the 50KW ones are bought by private hospitals and large hospitals. Except for the different power of the high-voltage generator, other configurations are the same. The 30KW equipment is 20,000 cheaper than the 50KW equipment. The whole set of sickle arm equipment Including sickle arm frame, 30KW or 50KW high-frequency high-voltage generator, X-ray tube assembly, two 8-meter high-voltage cables, plexiglass bed, 1717 flat panel detector, manual beam limiter, etc. It is more convenient to perform both supine and upright photography. This device has been exported to many countries without any quality problems so far. If you have film, ask what size you need.
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