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X ray table for U-arm DR x ray machine

Alina 4月 09, 2020

Newheek U arm table with bucky simple model can be matched with different radiography equipment, such as c arm, mobile X ray, uc-arm etc.
It also can be used on vet x ray unit.
Is it possible to use a flat panel detector for the X-ray U arm machine
Model Number: NK-T2(PG-H)
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Table Surface: Plexiglass
Cassette Tray Travel: 500mm±20mm
Table Surface Size: 2020mmx800mmx690mm
Custom Made: Yes
Mobile: Yes
Table Load: 200kg
Application: C-arm, UC-arm, Mobile X Ray
Function: X Ray Radiology
Color: White

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