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The characteristics of the structure of the X-ray U arm machine

Amy 4月 10, 2020

Newheek X-ray U arm uses the most popular flat panel detectors for superior image quality. The all-electric camera structure not only meets all clinical examination needs, but also a one-button positioning operating system that can quickly and automatically complete the positioning of various postures. It adopts color LCD touch screen for near-stage control, which is convenient and easy to use, and more in line with the requirements of hospital environmental sanitation. The integrated compartment control system of the X-ray U arm X-ray machine integrates exposure control, image acquisition and image processing, and the Chinese-Chinese software interface control is more user-friendly. General configuration of X-ray U arm X-ray machine: large-size amorphous silicon flat panel detector, full electric inspection mechanical structure, one-key positioning body position conversion system, bulb-detector automatic tracking system, color liquid crystal touch control screen, integrated Chinese Operator station.


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