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X-ray collimator on U-arm

Alina 1月 14, 2020

The X-ray collimator on Uarm is an essential accessory. The role on the Uarm is to control the field of illumination of the X-ray tube output line, so as to minimize the projection range, avoid unnecessary doses, and absorb some scattered rays, while meeting X-ray imaging and diagnosis. Improve the impact of clarity.
Basic configuration of Uarm:

Is the simple and movable film bed suitable for X-ray U arm machine
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Newheek collimated beam NK202:
It is designed for different x ray machine whose x ray tube is 150kV. And the max x ray imaging size is 17”x17”.
The suitable x ray tube max voltage: 150 kV

Design advantages of X-ray U arm for digital systems
Max irradiation field: SID (FFD) = 1000mm hours, no less than 430 mm x 430 mm
Min irradiation field: 0x0 mm
Inherent filter: 1 mm·Al/75kVp
Additional filter: 1 mm·Al and 2 mm·Al
Lead leaf control mode: manual
Working power: 24V AC/DC, 150 W (The lowest safe voltage)

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