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Why can’t U-arm X-ray machines be used for surgery?

Newheek-Uarm 9月 27, 2023

U-arm X-ray machines typically cannot be used for surgery due to a few reasons:
Limited mobility: U-arm X-ray machines have a fixed arm that can only move in certain orientations. This limited mobility may not provide optimal positioning for capturing X-ray images during surgery, especially when the patient’s position needs to be adjusted or when capturing images from different angles.
Image quality: U-arm X-ray machines may not provide the same level of image quality and resolution as dedicated surgical X-ray machines. Surgical X-ray machines are designed to capture high-resolution images in real-time, allowing surgeons to visualize anatomy and make precise decisions during the procedure.
Sterilization concerns: U-arm X-ray machines are not designed with the same level of strict infection control measures as surgical equipment. During surgery, maintaining a sterile environment is critical to prevent infections. Surgical X-ray machines are designed with features that allow for easier sterilization and meet the necessary sterile requirements.
Safety concerns: U-arm X-ray machines are typically positioned outside of the sterile field in the operating room. Using these machines during surgery would require the equipment to be brought into the sterile field, which could introduce safety risks such as potential contamination or interference with other surgical equipment.
Overall, dedicated surgical X-ray machines are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of surgical procedures, ensuring optimal image quality, mobility, and safety within the sterile environment.
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