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What kind of DR equipment is the sickle arm DR?

Newheek-Uarm 2月 07, 2022

The sickle arm DR is mainly composed of sickle arm, x-ray high frequency and high voltage generator, console, tube, beam limiter, mobile photography flat bed, flat panel detector and digital workstation. The rotation range is large, which can take multi-angle full-body photos, and the digital flat panel detector adopted adopts the latest technology, and the imaging is stable and high-definition. Through A/D conversion and D/A conversion, real-time image digital processing is carried out, which has the characteristics of clear image quality, fast imaging speed, and small radiation dose. It is suitable for radiology department, physical examination center, medical imaging center, and is used for digital X-ray photography of various positions in the province. Therefore, the sickle arm DR is a DR device that provides convenience for image inspection.

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