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That brand of U-arm is good

Newheek-Uarm 1月 29, 2022

Our U-arm has the following features;
1. The full-angle rotation of the U-shaped arm and the large-scale adjustment of the SID, all-electric operating system, meet the needs of precise positioning, and meet all applications from chest radiographs to ordinary plain radiographs
2. The unique oblique projection position meets the needs of clinical examination of special lesions
3. High-speed image transmission technology, short transmission time
4. Sensor automatic repair technology to ensure long-term stability of the image without dead pixels and deformation
5. High quality X-ray tube with long service life
6. Ultra-large aperture lens technology, greatly reducing the irradiation dose
7. Intelligent digital image acquisition and processing technology, the doctor only needs to press the handbrake to complete
8. A comprehensive solution from single workstation mode to complete PACS system, reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency
9. The system is equipped with powerful filter software package to improve image quality
10. Excellent tissue equalization software, providing high-quality images
11. Adhering to the experience advantages of Anke MR, CT, PACS software functions, rich image operation functions, convenient for both doctors and patients
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Is it possible to use a flat panel detector for the X-ray U arm machine

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