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What kind of collimator is used for the U-arm manual x ray machine?

Alina 3月 12, 2020

What kind of beam limiter is used for the U-arm manual x ray collimator? What is the manual x ray collimator model for the U-arm?
The U-arm structure is designed as a vertical Xray machine. It is the same as a normal Xray machine. It requires a tube, a high-voltage generator, a manual x ray collimator for the U-arm, a high-voltage cable, and a U-arm is a device that uses a flat-panel detector. It is also possible to use IP boards and cassettes, but it is not convenient. The structural design of the U-arm makes it occupy a small space, but it can realize the conversion of the photographic part as quickly as possible, saving the shooting time, simple design, not simple function, reducing the failure rate of the whole machine, modular design, convenient maintenance.
Is the simple and movable film bed suitable for X-ray U arm machine
Its advanced flat panel detectors make the image clear. The U-shaped arm is an Xray machine type that can rotate 360 degrees and can make the human body lie flat and stand. It belongs to the fixed Xray machine. The manual x ray collimator for the U-arm is used for the fixed Xray machine. manual x ray collimator, generally used for 150KV bulbs. Newheek’s manual beam limiter for the U-arm is NK202 or NK102.

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