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Newheek x ray U-arm to Afghanistan

Alina 3月 10, 2020

X-ray machines ordered by Afghan customers are shipped today. Briefly introduce you to our X-ray machine.

UC DR with smart outlook, high precise mechanical performance, widely check up body parts. It can automatically to adjust the flat
panel detector height according to actual check up body part.
It can be matched with the different kinds of radiography tables freely.

UC ARM with two functions about resetting and rotate protection. It can preset three positions into the machine, and press the three
resetting key the system will move to the positions you preset. When the U arm is at a lower position, it can press the key to rotate it. It will
not rotate. Then run up it to a higher position, it will work. This function is to protect the machine from topple and fall because of the UC arm
touch the ground when it rotates.

Super image chain to get perfect image. Special IT image workstation software realizes real time image collect, storage, processing,
print and transfer etc function.

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