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We received an order from an American customer today

Expedition 1月 19, 2020

China and the United States sign the first phase of economic and trade agreement: good for China, good for the United States and good for the world.

A reasonable arrangement between China and the United States to address each other’s concerns and mutual interests through dialogue, consultation and cooperation on an equal footing has fully demonstrated that only by following the principles of equality and mutual respect can a proper solution be found.Dialogue, cooperation and consultation remain effective channels to resolve economic and trade frictions between China and the us, rather than confrontation or decoupling.It is now said to be a “China buys and the us sells” deal.But in fact, this is a two-way trade expansion agreement.The two sides have set certain goals, the us exports more to us, we import more.In the foreign communication, such intentionality goal stipulation, also has some in other occasions.For example, it is very similar for us to set a vision with our major trading partners for the growth of bilateral trade in the coming years.

Recently, we have received a lot of orders from the United States, such as X-ray machines, u arms, flat panel detectors and many other products.China and the United States will further expand cooperation.

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