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Ionization during use of U-arm

Alina 1月 17, 2020

Ionization When a substance is irradiated with X-rays, the extranuclear electrons are released from the atomic orbital. This action is called ionization. In the photoelectric effect and scattering process, the process in which photoelectrons and recoil electrons are separated from their atoms is called ionization.

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These photoelectrons or recoil electrons collide with other atoms while traveling, so that the electrons that are hit by the atom are called secondary ionization. In solids and liquids. The positive and negative ions after ionization will soon recombine and are difficult to collect. However, the forgotten charge in the gas is easy to collect, and the amount of Xray irradiation can be measured by the amount of ionization charge: the Xray measuring instrument is made according to this principle.

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Due to the ionization, the gas can be made conductive; some substances can undergo chemical reactions; various biological effects can be induced in the organism. Ionization is the basis of Xray injury and treatment.

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