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U-arm X-ray machine uses X-ray photography flat table

肖恩 12月 05, 2020

A customer from NJ consulted on the X-ray photography flat table, requesting a movable table that can be raised and lowered, hydraulic lifting, and U-arm X-ray machine. The width of the table is 65-70cm and the length is 210-220cm. The client said that this is also a domestic table. The home is not clear, the hospital asked us to find it. Tell us that the table is 1.9 meters long and 60 cm wide, and we need to confirm the data with the hospital. The quoted price is 8K including tax and shipping. The customer said it is a bit expensive, and it feels about 3K.

Ask about the progress of the hydraulic lift table. Does the hospital want the hydraulic table? The hospital thinks that the price is high. They are public hospitals. The budget is *yuan. I told you that you can’t buy this kind of table at this price. Recommend our ordinary mobile photography flat table. The customer said The user wants an X-ray photography flat table with up and down function, but it is too low to buy.

Our products mainly include X-ray image intensifiers, X-ray vertical film frames, X-ray exposure hand brake switches, beam limiters, high-voltage cables, high-voltage power supplies, photography flat tables, etc. If you need similar products, please send email to contact us.

Does the length of the high voltage cable need to match the X-ray U arm machine

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