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U-arm X-ray machine that customers care about

Lillian 4月 01, 2021

The day before yesterday, a customer from a dealer in called our company to learn about the X-ray machines produced and sold by us. The U-arm X-ray machine is a fixed X-ray machine. The core of the U-arm imaging system is the DR flat panel detector.
The design of the U-shaped arm makes it more convenient to use. The U-arm X-ray machine has a flexible movable arm design, which can meet the shooting requirements of various special positions such as standing, lying, and sitting positions. Installation is simple, saving space and cost. The double reflection design reduces the volume and weight of the CCD detector. The U-arm X-ray machine adopts an infrared dual optical path control system to protect personnel and machines. The U-arm X-ray machine adopts PLC control, which has stronger anti-interference. The fastest preview time is 4 seconds, which can improve work efficiency. The special database design can ensure data security. Intelligent parameter setting, green dosage control. The fully automatic body position control system makes positioning simple and fast. Large touch screen can enjoy convenient operation.
Our Newheek company specializes in the production and sales of X-ray machines and spare parts. If you are interested in such equipment and want to obtain more comprehensive product information, please contact us!

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