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Medical U-arm X-ray machine

Lillian 4月 02, 2021

The medical U-arm X-ray machine uses a flat-panel detector to achieve multi-function shooting. All mechanical actions are driven and controlled by a motor, which maximizes the shooting efficiency. Its super flexibility and high cost performance make it a universal configuration for DR photography.
The standard configuration of the medical U-arm X-ray machine is a high-voltage generator, a tube, an X-ray collimator, a U-shaped sickle arm, a digital flat-panel detector, an image workstation and software. The appearance is simple and generous, and the detection range is wide. The height of the flat panel detector can be automatically adjusted according to the physical examination.
The medical U-arm X-ray machine has two functions: reset and rotation protection. It can preset three positions to enter the machine, and then press three reset buttons, the system will move to your preset position. . Super image chain can get perfect image. The dedicated image workstation software can realize the functions of real-time image acquisition, storage, processing, printing and transmission.
Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. X-ray machine digital system adopts a-SI flat panel detector, which has stable performance and reduces X-ray radiation dose. At present, mainstream hospitals are equipped with this kind of equipment. If you are interested in this kind of X-ray machine, please call to discuss!


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