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U-arm X-ray machine for orthopedics

Lillian 8月 23, 2021

Some customers have inquired about our U-arm X-ray machine for orthopedics. The client said that this is for a hospital, and a fixed one is fine. I asked the client what part to take with the X-ray machine. Should I take more limbs or more chest and lumbar spine? The client said he wanted an X-ray machine that could take the whole body. I recommend U-arm X-ray machine to customers. Inform the customer that this U-arm X-ray machine can shoot the whole body, and send the product information to the customer, and send the product configuration to the customer. The customer asks the price of the U-arm X-ray machine and gives the customer a quote. The client said that the hospital’s budget is not very large. Can you apply for a price? Inform customers that if the product meets the requirements, the price can still be negotiated. The customer said that he checked the parameters with the hospital before confirming.

What material is used for the film bed for the X-ray U arm machine

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