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U-arm X-ray machine can photograph those parts

Lillian 9月 09, 2021

A customer came to us to ask us about the U-arm X-ray machine. I would like to know which parts can be photographed by the U-arm X-ray machine. In fact, the U-arm X-ray machine can shoot more parts, and the dose is larger than that of the general X-ray machine. It is no longer a problem to take pictures of the lumbar spine and pelvis. Generally, large hospitals and orthopedic hospitals will choose to purchase such a U-arm X-ray machine. The general X-ray machine is compared with the U-arm X-ray machine. Although you can also shoot, the effect of shooting is not ideal. Because the shooting dose is small, X-rays will not penetrate the bones, resulting in blurred images. At this time, you need a U-arm X-ray machine.

U-arm X-ray machine

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