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Does the U-arm X-ray machine have 500mA?

Lillian 9月 10, 2021

500mA X-ray machine includes gastrointestinal machine, U-arm X-ray machine and other equipment.
The density of different components such as human bones, fat, and soft tissues are different. Some rays have different penetrating capabilities for these components. At this time, U-arm X-ray machines come in handy. Among them, bones are the most difficult to penetrate. Yes, but for U-arm X-ray machines. But small bones, such as hands and feet, can be penetrated with a small dose. At this time, 200ma, or even 100ma, 50ma machines can be used to see clearly. However, people’s lumbar spine, pelvis and other parts require a larger dose, because the small dose causes unclear imaging, which will affect the diagnosis and treatment. At this time, a 500ma U-arm X-ray machine is very necessary.

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