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The difference between mobile and fixed X-ray machine(U arm)

肖恩 9月 04, 2020

1. The technical parameters of the mobile X-ray machine are generally low. For example, the small capacity is greatly affected by power fluctuations, which may have a greater impact on the image quality.NEWHEEK’s U-arm X-ray machine doesn’t have to worry about that

2. The mobile X-ray machine moves and bumps for a long time, the maintenance of the equipment is difficult to improve, and the quality assurance and quality control are not satisfactory.

3. The mobile X-ray machine pays attention to portability and mobility, and will not be equipped with too many auxiliary facilities. Even some routine inspection items have difficulties, such as standing chest radiographs and standing abdominal abdominal radiographs taken at the bedside. Difficult to complete.

4. X-ray examination has radiation damage. The walls, doors and windows of the radiology department room are all subjected to radiation protection treatment as required, and ordinary wards do not have these protective measures. Both patients and film technicians will accept more when taking photos at the bedside Radiation dose, family members of patients, patients in the same room and even medical staff in the ward may also receive unnecessary radiation,So if you don’t have to carry them everywhere, choose the U-arm X-ray machine.


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