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arm X ray machine system

肖恩 9月 04, 2020

About the U-arm machine Stand Configuration.X Ray HV Generator, X Ray Tube, Collimator, UCARM, Digital Flat Panel Detector and Image Workstation.

Remote control For most system motions, such as SID, arm and detector angles, system heights are even collimator blades. This enables the system to be located from inside or outside the room and allows the user to move more flexibly and efficiently.

Security system

– Volume control depends on the characteristics of the room to avoid collisions that may occur during system positioning.

– Anti-collision pressure sensor during system movement, along the rotating part of the arm.

– A detector bumper at the bottom of the detector cabinet that works when the system moves down and comes into contact with objects. The system is not only interrupted in a controlled and responsive manner, but also retracted from the object point to release any possible pressure generated by the initial contact.

– If the operator needs to manually close, the emergency brake located on the side of the detector cabinet can completely “block” the system. “Parachute system”: The system has a sensor to control the tension of the cable and move the system up and down. The sensor detects a predetermined reduction in the required tension, and even if the cable is completely broken, it can initiate a mechanical stop to prevent the system from entering the “free fall” mode.

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