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The design advantages of the X-ray U arm DR

Lillian 5月 17, 2021

The X-ray U arm DR is different from the ordinary filming machine in that the X-ray U arm DR has a flexible movable arm design to meet the shooting requirements of standing position, lying position, sitting position and various special positions.
The installation of the X-ray U arm DR is very simple, which saves space and costs. The dual reflection design reduces the volume of the CCD detector and reduces the weight. The X-ray U arm DR also uses an infrared dual-light path control system to protect the safety of the person and the machine.
PLC control, anti-interference is stronger, the preview time is up to 4 seconds, improving work efficiency. Special database design to ensure data security. The automatic position control system makes positioning easy and quick. Large touch screen for easy operation.
X-ray U arm DR can generally be taken in a lying position or in a standing position.

Design advantages of X-ray U arm for digital systems

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