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The current mainstream sickle arm DR X-ray machine

Lillian 6月 01, 2021

The rapid development of the sickle arm DR X-ray machine X-ray photography and digital imaging technology provides a good opportunity as a fully digital image of the diagnostic radiology department and a digital hospital. Digital X-ray photography (DR) can be obtained through the tissues and organs of the body. Observed images, based on a computer method, will obtain digital image information and post-process the image information according to people’s requirements to provide high-quality diagnostic X-ray images. The sickle arm DR X-ray machine photography is very high. High-quality images and high work efficiency are gradually replacing traditional X-ray photography, becoming the representative of today’s digital X-ray photography.
The sickle arm DR X-ray machine produced by our Newheek is suitable for the photographic examination of the human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine. There are six advantages:
1. Using microcomputer control and LCD display screen, the operation is simpler and more convenient.
2. The new design of high frequency and high voltage generator realizes stable and accurate exposure conditions.
3. Intelligent system operation: automatically set the exposure parameters according to the patient’s body shape and location.
4. Newly designed sickle arm: more accurate rotation angle, multi-angle shooting, one-key bed design, etc.
5. The machine can self-diagnose and troubleshoot.
6. The digital flat-panel detector with stable performance greatly reduces the X-ray dose.

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