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Sickle arm digital DR X-ray machine

Lillian 4月 29, 2021

Nkx-500 Sickle arm digital DR X-ray machine is mainly used for the photographic examination of human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine.
The multifunctional Sickle arm digital DR X-ray machine is the basic medical equipment of Our country. The level of its equipment reflects the level of our country’s industrial modernization to determine the level of equipment and the medical level of the whole country.Numerical control technology is the most basic technology and equipment development of the new high-tech industry and cutting-edge technology, and the most advanced technology.Numeration control technology is mechanical motion control technology and digital information, which represents the penetration of traditional industries and the new technology represented by numerical control technology in manufacturing industry, covering many fields of technology.In order to ensure and improve the accuracy of machining parts, it mainly depends on two aspects: first, the control accuracy of the system;The second is the mechanical transmission precision of the multifunctional Sickle arm digital DR X-ray machine.Because of position and offset speed, a digital transmission system must be automatically controlled.Therefore, the multi-functional Sickle arm digital DR X-ray machine has better accuracy, which can ensure the transmission accuracy and working stability of the mechanical transmission system.

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