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Configuration and function of sickle X-ray machine

Lillian 4月 29, 2021

Many clients ask about the function of a certain part of a sickle X-ray machine, we talk about this today.
X-ray machine is used to checking the different parts of people by camera ing image, as different parts of the body absorb x ray differently ..In the working process of X-ray machine, different equipment need to work together to produce X-ray, control X-ray and diagnose human body.
The spherical tube provides the light source for the X-ray machine, the collimator controls the beam, the high voltage generator provides the pressure for the light source, and the high voltage cable connects the spherical tube and the generator to transmit the high voltage.An X-ray machine needs two high-voltage cables to work.Therefore, spherical tube, collimator, high voltage generator and high voltage cable are indispensable basic configuration of sickle arm X-ray machine.
In addition to the above configuration of the sickle arm X-ray machine itself, the imaging system is also needed to complete the patient’s X-ray examination.
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