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Protection and safety of sickle arm x-ray machines

Lillian 6月 24, 2021

We’ve had a lot of customer inquiries recently about our sickle arm x-ray machines. We use a sickle arm x-ray machine to perform x-rays, usually by lying on a table or standing on a flat surface so that the body part being examined can be placed in the correct position.
The x-ray machine looks like a tube with a large light bulb and will be carefully aimed at the body part that the radiographer is examining. The X-rays will last for a fraction of a second. No sensations will be felt during the execution. You will need to remain still while taking the x-rays.
Sickle arm x-ray machine equipment is performed following the operation of equipment at higher potentials or with changes in the operating process. To ensure compliance with specifications and to identify defective materials or processes, detailed information on the survey procedures and measurements to be performed for specific types of sickle arm x-ray machine equipment and facilities is provided in the x-ray equipment compliance and facility survey for diagnostic sickle arm x-ray machines.
The specification also contains examples of appropriate survey representations, as well as recommendations for information to be included in the sickle arm x-ray machine survey report.

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