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Customers inquire about our U-arm DR

Lillian 6月 24, 2021

DR is a necessary X-ray imaging equipment for radiology departments in hospitals or medical institutions. Common DR can be divided into U-arm DR, double-pillar DR and suspended DR. In the clinic, different mechanical structures are designed to make it more convenient for doctors to operate, and to set up clinical X-ray imaging. The U-arm DR is a DR with a mechanical structure similar to the letter U. Compared with other types of DR, U-arm DR has the characteristics of low installation requirements, small area of ​​the machine room, and more convenient positioning. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for first-level hospitals, physical examination centers, and some hospitals that have installed facilities for the first time.
Recently, the customer inquired about our U-arm DR, and replied that this equipment can shoot the human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine.
The customer also asked what is the operation specification, instrument safety: every time before turning off and on the machine, the dry volt meter, power meter and other instrument pointer to the lowest position, in use and then properly adjusted to the normal conditions, so as not to make the instrument due to sudden power failure, collision damage pointer.

U-arm DR

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