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Papua New Guinea customer consulting U-arm and image intensifier

Lillian 8月 19, 2021

Today, a Papua New Guinea customer consulted about U-arm and image intensifiers. Because U-arm is used for physical examination, image intensifiers are usually used on C-arm, gastrointestinal machines and lithotripters. So ask the customer whether they want a U-arm X-ray machine and image intensifier or an image intensifier for C-arm? Because generally our U-arm is equipped with flat-panel detectors, which can quickly image, so I don’t understand why customers should buy image intensifiers. The customer explained that the image intensifier of an old C-arm was broken, and he didn’t know whether to buy a U-arm or replace it with an image intensifier. It is recommended that customers buy U-arm if they have a large budget, because U-arm can quickly image and photograph large bones such as the lumbar spine, which is very practical.

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